HWFGHarrington West Financial Group
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Rocking the HWFG main arena will be TTF, Ultra-Sonic, GBX Anthems, The Rhythmic State, Technotronic, Amen UK, Stevie Lennon ft MC XXX, Joe Deacon, Trevor Reilly, Jamie B and Nova, Scotia, Davie Gilmour, Uproars Scotland's JPS and Bairdy, The Doctor and Arron R, Fergie and Steven Holland, hosted by MC Rowlands.
A mean of 0.21 kg/c[m.sup.2] WF was applied in the LWFG and 0.88 kg/c[m.sup.2] in HWFG. In addition, neither in the LWFG nor in the HWFG was any difference detected (p>0.05).
Percentages of burn depth in all groups Groups ([degrees]) Burn depth (%) 60 LWFG 10.5[+ or -]0.7 60 HWFG 25.8[+ or -]2.4 80 LWFG 52.9[+ or -]2.6 80 HWFG 71.1+2.1 100 LWFG 66.7[+ or -]2.1 100 HWFG 92.0[+ or -]2.7 LWFG: Low weight force group, HWFG: High weight force group
HWFG has sold the shares at USD2.00 per share for USD500,000 in proceeds as part of its efforts to increase its capital levels and improve its financial performance.
Topping the bill are Cascada, Ultra-Sonic, Ultrabeat, GBX, The Rhythmic State, Dream Frequency, The Showhawk Duo, I Am A Raver and HWFG.