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HWIHot Wire Ignition
HWIHazardous Waste Incinerator
HWIHawk Watch International (Salt Lake City, UT)
HWIHigh Water Interval
HWIHardware Industries
HWIHis Wheels International (Wheaton, IL)
HWIHard Winter Wheat Index
HWIHekimian Web Interface
HWIHealth World International, Inc.
HWIHealthy Workplace Initiative (various organizations)
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The study also analyzed three options for growth, which ranged from an addition and renovation with minimal financial investment and minimal increases in educational opportunities and space to a new building that would meet the HWI target of a 24 percent increase in class size and encompass the strategic vision of the university for years to come.
4, LVWI and HWI were markedly increased in the model group compared to the sham-operated group (p < 0.
Accordingly, the HWI comprises only the following four dimensions: access to knowledge, access to work, availability of resources and living or housing conditions.
Se empleo el HWI en esta investigacion debido al contexto social de analisis de cetaceos depredadores marinos y al ser el metodo mas simple de asociacion empleado (Robinette et al.
CWI = cold water immersion (18[degrees]C), IWI = intermediated water immersion (28[degrees]C), HWI = hot water immersion (38[degrees]C), CN = control (no water immersion).
HWI says its C3 SmartRoom with the MES software provides automated validation to support that their lab and process have remained in compliance.
2]: There is no difference in scores of river guide client knowledge of and interest in the river environment between groups who rafted with HWI trained guides when compared to non-HWI trained guides.
HWI aims to place health in the mainstream of business thinking and organisational development thereby raising the profile of Occupational Health and Safety and putting it firmly on the business agenda
HWI turns your skip, eviction and lease-break accounts into cash, decreasing workload on your staff and increasing your NOI.
In what became a familiar scenario to many of us in the '90s, less than one year after starting with this company, Barbara and other employees were told that the company had been sold to HWI (Do It Best) and their jobs would end.
We have exciting new showrooms opening, including Wilton Armetale, Michael Aram, and HWI Metro Marketing, and some compelling new lines, judging from the reps I saw in Frankfurt.
In 1994, HWI researchers in Glacier watched electronically as a young, radio-collared cougar set out to find a home range of its own.