HWILHardware in the Loop
HWILHispanic Women in Leadership (est. 1988; Houston, TX)
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As MPY 16-1 and follow on events focus on assessing fielded and non-fielded HWIL architectures in an operationally representative environment, the adversarial cyber assessment approach provides unique and significant value to both the Program Managers, who with the recent release of DoDI 5000.02 have a greater responsibility for cyber security, and the Marine Corps Operating Forces, who are employing the systems.
Programs that utilize the Army's computer-based and HWIL M&S tools have many benefits: They improve initial system-level reliability for start of the engineering and manufacturing phase, accelerate surface failure modes, improve accuracy of failure mode root cause analysis conclusions, promote accelerated reliability growth, improve the likelihood of demonstrating system reliability requirements (i.e., reduce program risk) and reduce the traditional "wheels-to-dirt" mileage for vehicle testing.
(77) Havelok honours his memory '[f]or pe god he haueden him don / Hwil he was pouere and iuel o bon' (2524-25) by having a priory built at Grimsby in his honour.
A return to what Dine (Navajo) ancestors once deemed the characteristic of a good leader is needed in each Dine (Navajo) chapter where a good leader had the values of Hadine'e Baa Haajinizin [having compassion for your people], Hadine'e Ayoi'ojo'nih [having love for your people], and Hadine'e hwil Niliigo [respecting your people].
With such a capability, complex clutter simulators could be developed for use in an HWIL simulation and multiple target generators could be used to test track and ECM functions.
Navy's Next Generation Command and Control Processor (NGC2P) Test and Evaluation Team of the commander, Operational Test and Evaluation Force (COMOPTEVFOR), Norfolk, Va., received the team award for using the hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) capability of the Navy's Distributed Engineering Plant to cost effectively support an operational assessment of NGC2P.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2A 3V6 +(613)828-0775 Fax: +(613)828-8310 Email: dst@tti.on.ca TESS microwave/R/light u Telemus, Inc 88 Hines Rd Kanata Ontario Canada K2K 2T8 +(613)592-2288 Fax: +(613)592-8855 URL: www.telemus.com AEWT 0.5-18 PC input DRT 8-18 HWIL INEWT 0.5-18 * TACMET RTS 300 0.5-18 HWIL DESIGNATION WAVEFORM 5 MODULATION 6 Metric Systems, an Integrated Defense Technologies Company 645 Anchors St.
WHEN Beowulf dives into Grendel's mere, the narrator tells us that it took him hwil daeges before he could catch sight of its bottom:
SimTech provides RF and IR target and environment modeling and analysis and engineering support for real-time, hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) simulations.