HWILHispanic Women in Leadership (est. 1988; Houston, TX)
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In addition to computer-based M&S tools, HWIL M&S capabilities also are essential.
ACUTRONIC USA pioneered the development of the first truly digital motion control system for IGTS and HWIL flight motion simulation applications.
The ACUTROL(R)3000 remains the dominant digital motion controller in the HWIL and IGTS market today.
Acutronic test and simulation instruments support the commercial and defense industries with an attractive selection of products ranging from single-axis rate and positioning tables to five-axis HWIL simulation systems.
The new system will provide a high fidelity HWIL environment for simulating the performance of missile defense sensors and systems under a variety of engagement scenarios.
To support the unique performance and fidelity requirements that are associated with HWIL applications, the CG2 prototype system will include a COTS Quantum3D Independence IG Solution modified to enable higher sustained frame rates, enhanced full scene anti-aliasing and the use of an optimized realtime LINUX operating system.
This effort leverages our expertise in PC-based HWIL image generation and sensor simulation and Scientific Research Corporation's competency as a supplier of high quality research, management, provisioning and general expertise to government labs and agencies, which we believe will result in greater benefits for the U.