HWILHardware in the Loop
HWILHispanic Women in Leadership (est. 1988; Houston, TX)
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In addition to computer-based M&S tools, HWIL M&S capabilities also are essential.
It also offers maintenance and refurbishment services of IGTS and HWIL equipment of Acutronic, Contraves, CARCO and Benton products.
This cooperative test effort permitted robust assessment of NGC2P's joint interoperability and demonstrated the cost savings of using HWIL M & S facilities to provide in-depth joint operational and technical insight during systems development and acquisition.
The company also developed an OSF prototype that incorporates legacy digital and HWIL capabilities to support Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) test and assessment activities.
A digital quadrature modulator (DMQ) designed by SimTech for use in RF signal generation is now incorporated into four of the AMCOM HWIL simulation facilities.
Network Sensing Technologies (NST) is a provider of advanced R&D and integrated flight test capabilities for various USAF programs associated with GPS jamming, smart weapons, Net-Centric data distribution / translation, electronic warfare, UAV guidance and control search algorithms, high speed mixed inertial / video / augmentation sensor data collection systems as well as HWIL modeling and simulation environments.