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HWMHigh Water Mark
HWMHardware Monitor
HWMHardware Magazine
HWMHot Water Music (band)
HWMHazardous Waste Management
HWMHouse Ways and Means Committee (US Congress)
HWMHigh Wet Modulus
HWMHardware Maintenance
HWMHeavy Water Moderated (nuclear reactor system)
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Hangzhou Water Meter Co., Ltd (HWM) is an influential water meter manufacturer in China, who focuses on smart water utility equipment design, research, and manufacture.
It is observed in [21] that in the case of fractional ODE the order of convergence of the HWM is equal to two if higher order derivative [alpha] in the fractional differential equation exceeds one ([alpha] > 1).
HWM has won the Queen's Award for its PermaNET+ system, that constantly monitors a water network to detect any leaks that occur.
The main limitation raised by the use of single stages resides in the concept that these stages have variable duration [35, 47, 55, 56] as has been seen for the HWM [5, 55], MPM [37], and CVM [47, 56] methods, making the prediction of the imminent growth spurt less reliable.
CWMs were produced using normal water, and HWMs were produced using HRW.
The models HWa and HWm have the choice of the defined smoothing parameter values based in the minimization of the sum of the square error of forecast one step ahead, values which are defined in the statistical software package R, for subsequent application of routine forecast.
However, considering that women are concurrently exposed to several phthalates and phenols simultaneously, we used a continuous summative measurement of specific EDC categories of compounds with demonstrated shared variation, such as HWM phthalates.
Table 2: Response of different colleges regarding HWM.
Protein quality of cooked, autoclaved and extruded HWM was measured in terms of protein efficiency ratio (PER) and net protein utilization (NPU).