HWMAHazardous Waste Management Act
HWMAHumboldt Waste Management Authority (Eureka, CA)
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Caption: Figure 2: Absolute MRR scores of P-QAC, [lambda]-H-WMA, and [lambda]*- HWMA at prefix length #p = 1 to 5 on the AOL query log.
This process patented uses specific equipment of HWMA. It optimizes the properties of homogeneity and workability of a wrapped material in cold, its use being recommended for thin layers of surface (Mahe de la Villegle et al.
For example, if HMA lasts approximately between 20-30 years, and WMA or HWMA's duration is only 5-10 years, it would not be feasible, either environmentally or economically, because that road would have to be re-surfaced in more frequently, with the consequent economic investment and the formation of new wastes.