HWMSHenry Wilson Memorial School (Farmington, NH)
HWMSHighlander Way Middle School
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To evaluate the performance of HIHR models for forecasting coastal flood extents, we used an estimate of spatial coastal flood boundaries produced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEM A) Modeling Task Force that were made by extrapolating observations from water-level sensors and HWMs with bathtubbing (FEMA 2015).
Since the 50th percentile for the 1-h forecast shows a better agreement with the water-level time series and the HWMs than the 95th percentile, results suggest that FEMA's approach overestimated the flood extent.
The major objective of this paper is to establish an analytical model for analyzing transient rate behavior of HWMS. The effects of some sensitive parameters on decline curves are further investigated (i.e., production rate distribution along wellbore, number of horizontal sections, length of horizontal sections, and spacing between adjacent horizontal sections).
Figure 1 illustrates the physical model of HWMS (top view and side view).
Additionally, it is presumed that in HWMs better degree of hydration leads to a reduction of capillary pore volume because capillary pores become filled with hydration products, and gel pore volume is increased as more gel is formed.
A higher strength gain for HWMs was also observed at later ages (56 and 90 days).
Average weight gain in 10 days trial in birds fed diets containing casein (standard), cooked, autoclaved and extruded HWMs were 86.50, 76.74, 74.66 and 72.22 g, respectively.
Non-significant (Pgreater than 0.05) difference was found between the diets containing casein and cooked HWM as well as between the groups fed on extruded and autoclaved HWMs.
This scale is a scale which classifies HWMs regionally as frontal, parietooccipital, temporal, infratentorial and basal ganglia hyperintensities.
When GDS scores were taken as dependent variable and CDR-SOB, age and MTL atrophy scores were used as independent variables in the regression analysis to examine the relation of aging, limbic system involvement and loss of autonomia with depressive symptoms, the model was not found to be significant, while significance was observed only in the frontal HWMs when the total frontal HWM scores were added to these (Table 3).
Perhaps the most advanced system available today is the Joy Highwall Miner (HWM) a joint development by Joy Technologies and a subsidiary of Addington Resources.
Based on the LoRaWAN protocol and architecture, HWM's remote water metering solution combines loT smart metering and gateways.