HWNPHigh Weissenberg Number Problem
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The soil of HWNP ranges from loam to silty clay loam (Blank 1987; WSS 2015).
A Floristic Quality Index (FQI) for HWNP was determined using the program developed by the Conservation Design Forum in conjunction with Rothrock (2004).
Inventory and floristic quality index.--The vascular flora documented at HWNP is listed in Appendix 1.
A physiognomic summary of the flora in HWNP is presented in Table 1.
Five species documented at HWNP are reported for the first time and represent Wayne County records.
The major habitats at HWNP are listed earlier in the Site Description section.
Roadside, old-field, and drier woodland along River Road.--Tree species along the roadside were characteristic of HWNP, as described above, with three notable observations.
Inventory and floristic quality index.--The vascular flora at HWNP included the same core of plants, and subsequently plant families, reported for other sites in east central Indiana (Rothrock et al.
The FQI for the native vascular flora at HWNP was 43.3 and the mean C was 2.9.