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HWOHazardous Weather Outlook (US NOAA)
HWOHuman Welfare Organization (Pakistan)
HWOHazardous Waste Operations
HWOHardcore Wrestling Organization (est. 2003; Shreveport, LA)
HWOHindu Women's Organisation (Trinidad and Tobago)
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Its two allies, HWA and HWO, aligned themselves politically with the congress movement, and later (5 March 1988) formed the South African Health Workers Congress (SAHWCO).
HWO also has a distinguished advisory board of herbal experts.
html) provides a search of the complete HWO free access content and retrieves an impressive collection of information including journal articles, newsletters, and other materials on herbal remedies and alternative/complementary therapies.
Tenders are invited for HWO Rehabilitation of Taxiway P
Tenders are invited for HWO Student Housing: Design, construction and operation by the provider
ETH Zurich wants to realize HWO student apartments in Science City with a private investor.
Tenders are invited for Provision of HE[micro]nggerberg area, investors Competition Student Housing HWO
The planning permission HWO project includes about 500 such units.
Simultaneously with the buildings and HWO HWW a new cluster for heat and cooling supply all four buildings is realized in the center of the construction site.