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(20) For vacancy counts, we use the Help Wanted OnLine Data Series (HWOL) published by the Conference Board, which we also seasonally adjust.
The HWOL is designed to provide monthly measures of labor demand as determined by advertised vacancies and is targeted to cover the entire universe of online job postings for the United States.
Although this section includes only what is most important for the indexes, more detailed information about the HWOL is included in Appendix B.
Because the HWOL is effectively a population count, (24) it is not subject to the standard sampling error and nonresponse errors embodied in the majority of statistical surveys.
Table 2 presents the region's top 15 non-green occupation job vacancy postings from HWOL in the fourth quarter of 2010.
In the tri-state region, non-green jobs comprised almost 82 percent of all fall 2010 HWOL postings.
(4.) For example, if HWOL reports an occupation in Indiana had 25 postings and the total number of workers in that occupation is 100, the postings-to-employment ratio is 1:4.
For each occupation in HWOL, data from the BLS are used to determine the distribution of workers across levels of educational attainment.
The HWOL data provide evidence of a shift in vacancies during the recession and the early stages of the recovery toward occupations that require higher levels of education.
To investigate this issue, my figure 1 shows the number of job openings in New Jersey from the HWOL data between September 2009 and May 2010, the period during which all the interviews were conducted.
Using the HWOL data, one can examine the stock and the flow of vacancies at a monthly frequency.
For example, one potential intervention that could be very beneficial in improving the job search and matching process would be to link UI records with the HWOL data.