HWP1Hyphal Wall Protein 1 (gene)
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Other genes detected were SAP1 in 94.8% (n= 37), HWP1 (89.7%, n = 35), ALS3 (35.8%, n= 14), and CDR1 (66.6%, n = 26) of the strains (Table 4).
In nearly all of the isolates, ALS1, HWP1, SAP4-SAP6, LIP1-LIP10, PLB1, and PLB2 were expressed after infection of the cell line A431, whereas CDR1 was expressed in 20 (51.3%) and ALS3 in 14 (35.8%) (Table 4).
Fourteen distinct expression patterns of ALS, HWP1, SAP, PLB, LIP, and CDR1 were identified (Table 5).
Reevaluation of the role of HWP1 in systemic candidiasis by use of Candida albicans strains with selectable marker URA3 targeted to the ENO1 locus.
Expression levels of HWP1,SAPI and PLB2 genes, which are crucial for pathogenesis and expressed exclusively during infection of C.
Down regulation of HWP1 gene with respect to control cells was observed to be 65% whereas the ratio further increases to 85% for SAP1 gene.
The present study was also done to investigate expression levels of genes encoding hyphal wall protein (HWP1) which is exclusively expressed in hyphae (Staab et al., 1999); SAP1 (secreted aspartyl proteinase) known to cause tissue damage (Naglik et al., 2003), and PLB2 (lysophospholipase), expression of which is detected in vivo during mouse infections and human oral infections
Some important genes in Candida interfere with formation of biofilm such as agglutinin like sequence (ALS) family and hyphal cell wall protein (HWP1).
In the present study, significant reduction in the expression of HWP1 in C.
Candida albicans HWP1 gene was amplified from the synthesized cDNA.