HWPUHazardous Waste Permits Unit
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The influence of PEG molecular weight on the thickening property of HWPU
The effect of PEG molecular weight on thickening property of HWPU in polyurethane emulsion is shown in Fig.
The effects of HWPU branching number and hydrophilic chain length on its thickening property were studied by the measurement of viscosity.
Table 1: Molecular composition of HWPU-8-Pand HWPU-16-V Sample name (a) Hyperbranched core Name Hydroxyl value/ BN (b) (mg KOH [g.sup.-1]) HWPU-8-2 HPE-8 508.2 7.12 HWPU-8-4 HWPU-8-6 HWPU-8-10 HWPU-8-20 HWPU-16-2 HPE-16 465.4 14.22 HWPU-16-4 HWPU-16-6 HWPU-16-10 HWPU-16-20 Sample name (a) [M.sub.n] (PEG) HDI/PEG/hexadecanol/ HPE (molar ratio) HWPU-8-2 2000 16:8:8:1 HWPU-8-4 4000 HWPU-8-6 6000 HWPU-8-10 10,000 HWPU-8-20 20,000 HWPU-16-2 2000 32:16:16:1 HWPU-16-4 4000 HWPU-16-6 6000 HWPU-16-10 10,000 HWPU-16-20 20,000 (a) HWPU-X-y, Xis the branching number of HWPU, Vis the molecular weight of PEG (b) Average branching number of hyperbranched core calculated by hydroxyl value of HPEs
The structures of HPEs and HWPUs are characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectra (FTIR), [sup.1]H NMR, and [sup.13]C NMR.
FTIR spectra of HPEs and HWPUs thin films coated on KBr disks were performed with a Vertex 70 spectrometer (Bruker, Germany) for a spectral range from 4000 to 400 [cm.sup.-1] at a resolution of 4 [cm.sup.-1] using 40 scans.