HWSAHeads of Workplace Safety Authorities (New South Wales, Australia)
HWSAHomeschool World Series Association (est. 2000)
HWSAHazardous Waste Storage Area
HWSAHouston Women's Soccer Association
HWSAHazardous Waste Services Association
HWSAHickory Willow Swim Association
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If the shop could not recharge the battery because of prolonged storage, age, or another reason, it disposed of the battery in an environmentally conscious manner by working with the HWSA at Camp Buehring.
HWSA: Besides California, where do you have facilities?
When wood samples are subjected to leaching, some HWSA may remain in the cell lumen and/or cell wall of the wood.
Three major water treatment plants, owned and operated by HWSA, supply potable water to the Kobe area.
HWSA: And the process reduces the volume of the waste as well?
HWSA: First of all, when and how was this survey done?
HWSA: What sort of advantages does eRecycleNY offer to businesses?
HWSA: What would the bill do, and when would it become effective?
HWSA: As I understand it, your research shows that shop towels can still have elevated levels of metals even after they've been laundered.
HWSA: I don't think anyone who has looked at the prescription drug abuse issue will dispute that it is a national problem--or that there needs to be environmentally sound methods for getting rid of unwanted pharmaceuticals.
HWSA checked in with EPA spokesperson Stacy Kika regarding the effort.