HWSNHeterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
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Other approach based on LEACH for HWSN with three different kinds of nodes is proposed by Kumar et al.
To enhance energy efficiency in HWSN with the feature of scalability taken into account, a new protocol was proposed by author in [21].
Motivated with the above scenario, many digital signature schemes are proposed for healthcare wireless sensor network (HWSN) to protect the privacy and integrity of patient medical information.
(i) Firstly, we identify a security weakness against Pankaj Kumar et al.'s CL-AS scheme for HWSN.
This section endeavors to provide an in-depth analysis in terms of energy cost assessment from game results performed in Section 2.4, which considers our distributed HWSN and discusses the aggregation algorithm prior to describing results as the culmination of simulations that have been performed with respect to all existing patterns as shown in Figures 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.
In Section 4, we will show you the specific HWSN model in a Matlab platform.
(a) HWSN base station LJSON/JSON translator CLH routing TCP IP WSN MAC Ethernet MAC WSN PHY Ethernet PHY (b) WSN web service JSON/PHP TCP IP MAC PHY FIGURE 14: Laird API Receive packet.
In order to address the problem of insider attackers for routing security in HWSN, we propose an HIDS that detects selective forwarding, black hole attacks, and prevents the sinkhole attack called THIDS.
This paper shows that because of a serious flaw, Das et al.'s dynamic password-based user authentication scheme for HWSN is inappropriate for implementation in real-life environment.
Traditional range-free algorithms, which assume the same communication capability throughout the network, make the localization accuracy poor in HWSN. Thus, several researchers have proposed expected hop progress (EHP) approach to estimate the distance between anchor nodes (ANs) and unknown nodes (UNs) for HWSN [10].
Physical records and parameters from the WSS and HWSN must be transmitted securely to the upper network tier [15].