HWSTHot Water Supply Temperature
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Based on the programmed sequences of operation and existing HWST setpoints, our analysis (Table 1) had predicted that the boilers located downstream in the loop would not fire on a regular basis.
The HWST setpoint, which was being reset on outdoor air temperature, varied between 130[degrees]F (54[degrees]C) and 180[degrees]F (82[degrees]C).
Figure 2b shows that the pre-RCx observed loop [DELTA]T was closer to 12[degrees]F (6.5[degrees]F) and the pre-RCx observed loop HWST was closer to 150[degrees]F (65[degrees]C) instead of the theoretically predicted values of 25[degrees]F (14[degrees]C) and 160[degrees]F (71[degrees]C), respectively.
The analysis suggested that with the proposed setpoints the system would be able to achieve an overall HWST of about 173[degrees]F (78[degrees]C) with the same HWRT of 135[degrees]F (57[degrees]C).
Consequently, the HWST had increased to an average of 170[degrees]F (77[degrees]C) (Figure 4).