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For best case, HWSW codesign could get 53.20% bandwidth improvement compared with only hardware encryption, and 20.11% improvement compared with AES-NI.
We present below our proposed mixed-integer 0-1 programming formulation, denoted by HWSW, which ascertains the task partitioning and scheduling decisions in order to minimize the total processing and resource costs.
HWSW: Minimize [n.summation over (j=1)] [summation over (k [member of] [S.sub.j])] [c.sub.jk] [x.sub.jk] + [lambda] [m.summation over (r=1)] [y.sub.r] (1a)
The solution produced by Model HWSW is summarized in Table 1, and is depicted in the Gantt-chart in Figure 3.
Measure the distance between the stakes and record it as the "high water stream width" (HWSW).
As shown in this example, if you measured 5 feet as the HWSW, 2 feet for the LWSW and 1 foot for the stream depth at high water, then the stream's cross-section area would be 3.5 square feet.