HWTSHousehold Water Treatment and Safe Storage
HWTSHazardous Waste Tracking System
HWTSHeavy Weapon Thermal Sight
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pioneered the approach, has registered two HWTS projects to date.
The thrust of this examination is that while carbon-financed HWTS
promise for enabling LDCs to gain access to the carbon markets for HWTS
programs that use carbon credit funding to support HWTS projects in
an overview of how the suppressed demand approach works for HWTS
For HWTS projects, the suppressed demand carbon accounting approach
The suppressed demand guidelines for HWTS projects under the CDM
HWTS have yet been certified under CDM using the suppressed demand
Since 2011, Gold Standard has certified two HWTS projects using the
context by analyzing the suppressed demand methodology for HWTS projects
methodology in HWTS projects, the Gold Standard refers to the human
carbon-financed HWTS projects only address drinking water.