HWTSHousehold Water Treatment and Safe Storage
HWTSHazardous Waste Tracking System
HWTSHeavy Weapon Thermal Sight
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Since 2011, Gold Standard has certified two HWTS projects using the
context by analyzing the suppressed demand methodology for HWTS projects
methodology in HWTS projects, the Gold Standard refers to the human
carbon-financed HWTS projects only address drinking water.
by providing funding for HWTS projects that otherwise may not be
Research suggests that HWTS systems are limited by a host of
That a HWTS system is distributed either free or at low cost
the baseline emissions level, it enables HWTS projects in LDCs to
mentioned above, there are numerous reasons why HWTS products may not be
boiling rates, suppressed demand-based HWTS projects cannot be justified
The implementation of the HWTS is proof positive of our dedication to public health and safety," said Jim Bohon, chief, GISS, DTSC.
HWTS was built on Cold Fusion, VB/COM, SQL Server 2000 and Crystal Reports.