HWVHardware Version
HWVHöhere Wirtschafts- und Verwaltungsschule (University of Zurich business school)
HWVHungarian Wirehaired Vizsla (dog breed)
HWVHilton Waikoloa Village (Hawaii)
HWVHandel-Werke-Verzeichnis (German: Handel Work Catalog; catalog system; George Frideric Handel musical works)
HWVVerzeichnis der Werke Georg Friedrich Händel (German: Händel's music catalog)
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This document consists mainly of performing editions of the Handel cantatas Alpestre monte (HWV 81), Dietro I'orme fugaci (Armida abbandonata) (HWV 105), and Figlio d'alte speranze (HWV 113).
Business has many models of the HWV actively engaged (6) in the business world.
Mahan's Brinkburn recital, in the intimate surroundings of the 12th Century priory, will be on the festival's second weekend, on Sunday July 11, at 1pm, and will include Franois Couperin's Les Folies Franaises, Passacaille and La Morinete; followed by Handel's Suite in A, HWV 426 and concluding with J S Bach's Prelude & Fugue in A-minor, BWV 894.
On The Cover: Leigh Warner captured this image from the back seat of a Cirrus on final approach to Long Island's Brookhaven Airport (HWV), in Shirley, N.Y.
His early Sonata HWV.288 turned out to be a youthful Italianate experiment.
Edinburgh's Pippa Handley has s igned a professional contract with Dutch team HWV Tubanters.
"The specific assortments for the ceremony are a pig, five or nine chickens (26)--nine is better--, the money paper and incense that will be burnt in the frying pan (the set is called cov txim), and nine slices of soybean (cuaj ntsia taum hwv)[...].
The authentic-instruments orchestra, which features 16 to 20 players all told, is heard to superb effect in the brief prelude to Rinaldo, the overture to Giulio Cesare and the three-part D-major Ouverture (HWV 337).
A manuscript word-book in Morell's hand, dated 15 February 1764 and signed by John Beard and Priscilla Rich, is in the Larpent collection,(13) and several copies of the printed libretto survive.(14) The music was drawn from a wide range of Handel's works, as the following short list of sources shows:(15) Alceste (HWV 45), Alcina (HWV 34), Arianna in Creta (HWV 32), Ariodante (HWV 33), Belshazzar (HWV 61), Ezio (HWV 29), Faramondo (HWV 39), Floridante (HWV 14), Funeral Anthem (HWV 264), Giulio Cesare (HWV 17), Hercules (HWV 60), Joseph (HWV 59), Lotario (HWV 26), Muzio Scevola (HWV 13), Ottone (HWV 15), Parnasso in festa (HWV 73), Radamisto (HWV 12a), Riccardo Primo (HWV 23), Rodelinda (HWV 19), Scipione (HWV 20), 'Silete venti' (HWV 242), The Triumph of Time and Truth (HWV 71).
For persons in a steady relationship, on the other hand, as partners become more familiar with each other, a sense of trust (real or perceived) develops that may in turn mediate worry abut HWV and AIDS.
Parnasso in Festa Per Gli Sponsali Di Teti E Pelo, HWV 73.