HWWAHamburgisches Welt Wirtschafts Archiv (German)
HWWAHarvey W. Wiley Award (est. 1956)
HWWAHawaii Water Works Association (trade group)
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The exhibition showcases the skills of ITBP families and welfare activities undertaken by HWWA and ITBP.
HWWA works for the welfare of the families of the Force personnel with a specific focus on women empowerment.
14) The HWWA received a negative Science Council evaluation in 1998 and is in the process of being dissolved as a Leibniz-Society research institute.
Other commodity prices, however, have weakened since mid-1995, due to the sluggish European economy and the collapse of the copper trade market, with commodity prices (as measured by the HWWA commodity price index excluding energy) falling by 12 per cent in the twelve months to July 1996.
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commodities is a weighted average of the individual HWWA non-oil
Furthermore, as it became clear in many interviews for this study with other think tank managers, the example of the HWWA and the ifo Institute have obviously sent, if not shock waves, then at least some clear signals throughout the German think tank landscape and triggered debate about the appropriate roles of think tanks and the evaluation thereof by the Science Council.
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