HWXHandwriting Recognizer Engine (Microsoft)
HWXHardware Warranty Extension
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com) today introduced the HWX STX 1550nm Transmitter.
A new addition to HWX broadband analog transmission system, the HWX STX 1550nm Transmitter (model # HX3870XP) is a cost-effective solution for 1550 super distribution and dual-tier supertrunking applications.
DV6000 and Homeworx, HWX and ISX are trademarks of ADC Telecommunications, Inc.
Earlier this year, ADC announced its HWX 1550 nm high power optical transmitters, which incorporate the PAI technology.
This project will consist of the delivery and integration of OmniVU(TM) element management and control software, supporting Alpha 9061 power supply transponders, 1 GHz 9016 end-of-line transponders, low cost 9013 Echo end-of-line transponders, Scanning Ingress Management System (SIMS), and the integration of the ADC HomeWorx, HWX, and ISX products.
In addition, our relationship with ADC and AM's support of the HomeWorx, HWX, and ISX products clearly solidified our position with Time Warner.
Under the terms of the agreement, AM Communications will develop status monitoring software based on their OmniStat(TM) System for ADC's Homeworx, HWX, and ISX video distribution equipment.
In addition, AM Communications will be providing ADC Broadband Communications with transponder units for Homeworx, HWX, and ISX, that are compatible with other third party video distribution equipment.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of HWX 11KV HT Breakers VCB Trolley,Vacuum bottles for breakers and Insulators for male fmale contacts at OFN Rajgir