HXDHotline X Daemon
HXDHilton Head, SC, USA Municipal (airport code)
HXDHybrid XML (Extensible Markup Language) Database
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There are two locomotive types which include SS4 locomotive and HXD locomotive in Da-qin Railway.
For the HXD locomotives, there are 328 trains which are hauled by single-locomotive after conversion, so the order of the coefficient matrix is 328.
Table 4 indicates that the locomotive schedule obtained by using the model can save the number of HXD locomotives, 130 + 92 - 209 = 13, and the number of SS4 locomotives, 109 - 30 X 2 = 49.
A HXD desenvolveu varios projetos com a plataforma Ginga, em 2010, foi criado o primeiro aplicativo para um telejornal brasileiro, o MGTV de Uberlandia, Minas Gerais7.
Contrataram a HXD Interactive Television e no dia 31 de agosto de 2010, a cidade de Uberlandia e o Brasil receberam pela primeira vez um telejornal interativo nos aparelhos de TV.
A partir do guideline criado pela Rede Globo, a empresa HXD Interactive pode pegar os aplicativos que desenvolveu inicialmente para a Rede Integracao e fazer as alteracoes conforme sugeriu "as melhores premissas e praticas da interatividade".
All the information will be analysed using additional tools such as SQL viewer to open the database file, HxD Hex Editor to open unspecified format files or AccessData Forensic Toolkit to examine the image file.
HXD may downregulate the pathway of adhesion-aggression-angiogenesis, inhibiting the adhesion, aggression, and local angiogenesis by decreasing the expressions of ICAM-1, MMP-9, and VEGF HXD exhibited a preferable and durable efficacy on recurrent EM treatment in rat models [54, 55].
Our magnetar study with Suzaku utilizes its wide-band capability, realized by the HXD (34) and the X-ray Imaging Spectrometer (XIS).
Figure 8 shows the results on SGR 0501+ 4516, (50,52,53) where we compare wide-band spectra of (i) one big burst (which caused an automatic shut-off of the HXD), (ii) stacked small bursts, (iii) persistent emission during the activity, and (iv) that after the activity decreased.
Load was kept on stable value as a force of 294 N (denoted as P) and the HXD type microhardness equipment was used to determine the length of the diagonal of the indentation (denoted as d).