HXLHeritage Explorations Ltd. (gold exploration company; British Columbia, Canada)
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The HIPP 7855 HXL board can be used with a wide variety of networking equipment such as VPN secure routers and gateways, firewall appliances, integrated service routers, wireless switch/gateways, VoIP gateways, and SAN gateways.
Based on Hifn's HIPP 7855 security processor, the HIPP 7855 HXL board family provides high-performance, single-pass compression, encryption, and authentication, and complete protocol support for IPsec, IPv6, SSL/TLS, IPPCP (IPcomp), TLScomp, and PPTP.
The HIPP 7855 HXL is perfect for customers with more sophisticated IPsec systems that want to off-load compute intensive header and trailer processing.
The Hifn Software Development Kit for the Hifn's HXL Board Family provides extensive support including documentation, test tools, reference example code, API, drivers, and operating system support for Linux, Windows(R), and VxWorks.
Coupled with the available software development tools, the HXL board family can be readily designed into new systems, making it possible for networking equipment manufacturers to substantially reduce the time needed to bring new products to market.
Network security and flow classification market leader Hifn(TM) , today announced the introduction of the Access HXL Security Acceleration Board Family.
The Access HXL board family consists of six versions of half-height PCI cards ranging in performance from 155Mbps to 524Mbps.
The Access HXL board family is based on Hifn 7954/7955/7956 security processors and can support compression and a variety of bulk encryption algorithms to accelerate IPsec, SSL/TLS, and Wireless protocols.
Hifn's Access HXL boards provide a low-cost, high performance and easy-to-integrate way to add security to systems.
Shipments under the HXL contract are scheduled to begin in December and are expected to be completed before the end of February 2004.
HXL is a supplier of consumer electronics to the Chinese domestic market and for export.
HXL had to cope with the Boeing (NYSE: BA) Commercial Airplanes strike and the subsequent perturbations it precipitated to the attendant supply chain inventories, which, in turn caused the Company's Q4-08 commercial aerospace sales to decline by 15.