HXRHard X-Ray
HXRHeat Exchanger Refrigerated
HXRHyperacute Xenogeneic Rejection
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Este indice se obtuvo utilizando los resultados de ATP, ADP, AMP, IMP, HxR, Hx y representa de manera confiable la frescura y calidad de productos pesqueros almacenados a bajas temperaturas (en hielo o refrigeracion).
K(%) = [(HxR/ATP + ADP + AMP) + (Hx/ IMP + HxR + Hx)]x100
Among the variations found it can be observed that after 168 hours of storage the contents of Hx and HxR (inosine) are quite different, and the intensity at 200 volts showed the lowest values.
As shown in Figure 6A, after steaming, AMP, GMP, HxR, IMP and Adr had improved in the meat, especially IMP increased significantly, while ADP and Hx decreased.
After steaming, the improvement of AMP, GMP, HxR, IMP and Adr in the meat, especially IMP increased significantly, while ADP and Hx decreased (Fig.
Then, the IMP was slowly degraded into HxR and Hx, in which this behavior has been correlated with loss-of-freshness in some fish species.
The ATP-related compounds (ATP, ADP, AMP, IMP, Hx and HxR) were determined in five birds from each trial.
Inosine monophosphate (IMP), Inosine (HxR) and hipoxanthine (HX) concentrations were independent of storage temperature.
During storage, HxR decreased up to the last day, while Hx increased on day 2 (P<0.05), but then both remained without significant variation until the end of the experiment (P>0.05).