HYCOMHybrid Coordinate Ocean Model
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K Profile Parameterization (KPP) has been widely used in ocean models and is one of the DM parameterization algorithms included in HYCOM. In this study we choose the KPP scheme to parameterize the DM.
HYCOM is a primitive equation ocean general circulation model using density, pressure, and sigma coordinates in the vertical coordinate.
Such a localized error may be acceptable at the global scale of HYCOM, but obviously it may compromise the utility of the HYCOM reanalysis for applications in central Chile.
Modeled semidiurnal tidal fluxes and comparison to observations: (b) HYCOM-modeled semidiurnal internal tide barotropic-to-baroclinic conversion rates (background color) and vertically integrated energy flux vectors (black arrows, plotted every 768th grid point for clarity) and (c) depth-integrated semidiurnal mode-1 energy fluxes in HYCOM (red arrows) and high-resolution mooring observations to the north of Hawaii (blue arrows) (Ansong et al.
The hybrid coordinate in HYCOM is isopycnal in the open, stratified ocean, but smoothly reverts to a terrainfollowing coordinate in shallow coastal regions, NCODA uses the model forecast as a first guess in a multivariate Optimal Interpolation scheme and assimilates available satellite altimeter observations satellite and in situ SST as well as available in situ vertical temperature and salinity profiles from XBTs, ARGO floats and moored buoys.
2014b) and needs global ancillary input fields; ancillary sea surface salinity (SSS) is obtained from the top-layer salinity field of the Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM) Global Analysis (GLBa0.08) Experiment 90.9 (Fox et al.
Hycom is a certificated supplier of mobile hydraulic test stands, RAT test kits, hangar supply systems plus rotating and nonrotating component test stands.
Navy's HYCOM, through a multi-institutional effort as part of the U.S.