HYDOHydraulic Oil
HYDOHigh Yield Debt Obligation
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"We expect the full expansion to complete by 2016 with the hydo treater getting ready by 2014," he said.
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Based on the study by Bacchetta, Eachempati, Fins, Hydo, and Barie (2006), the patient with a diagnosis of malignant disease (with or without metastasis), cardiovascular disease, or endocrinopathy, and the patient receiving chronic glucocorticoid therapy had a higher incidence of DNR orders.
Before the arrival of a National Grid, hundreds of farms and communities had their own hydo plants.
The Owen falls dam for instance where hydo electric power station is built, and that supply the country with electricity - situated right beside Jinja town - is falling apart because of ware and tears.
But the Franz boys will be able to give fans a sneak preview of the album when they perform five of the tracks - Bite Hard, Katherine Kiss Me, Ulysses, Turn It On and What She Came For - at the Hydo Connect Festival.
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Lynn Hydo, RN, MBA, CLNC is the owner and president of Decisive Edge Consulting Group, Inc.
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In the 1980s, numerous high-yield bonds were issued at substantial discounts to face value (high-yield discount obligations; HYDO) paying low coupons or none at all, instead making payment-in-kind, PIK, distributions.