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HYENAHypertension and Exposure to Noise Near Airports
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Dango might have charged sooner but for the savage growls of the ape-man--growls which, coming from human lips, raised a question and a fear in the hyena's heart.
When he had withdrawn the shaft from the hyena Tarzan shouldered both carcasses and continued on toward the gulch.
He abused the hyena, and then went off alone through the trees.
Instead of Bukawai came the repulsive head of a hyena. Momaya poked at it with her spear, and the ugly, sullen brute drew back with an angry growl.
Beside him were two hyenas, which rumor had said were his only and constant companions.
He stuck for the five goats and the sleeping mat for a matter of half an hour, while the hyenas sniffed and growled and laughed hideously.
"Ay ban as gude as dead already; but"--he hesitated--"Ay hate to think of the hyenas. Von't you finish up this job?"
Well, listen to me before you ride any further; let me tell you that this wood hides in its depths a countless number of the fiercest tigers, hyenas, wolves, bears, and snakes, and all sorts of other monsters.
With this new protector Iwanich wandered on through the forest, and though he came upon a great many more wolves, hyenas, leopards, and other wild beasts, they always kept at a respectful distance when they saw what sort of an escort the Prince had with him.
The hyena is a rare species in our part of the world.
Despite their staggering victory, President Duterte advised his children to get out of politics, citing 'paid hacks' and 'hyenas' in the media that will spread lies against them.
BEIRUT: The Internal Security Forces has arrested a man from Tripoli for hunting and killing a hyena in violation of Lebanon's hunting laws.