HYEXHydraulic Excavator
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It was hypothesized that if a BEB could enter the open space created by a HYEX, it could provide upward or downward pressure to the ice, causing the ice to break.
Draining the fuel/water separator for the Model 240 HYEX is handled differently.
Persian has made an offer to buy 100% of HyEx for 2,500 new Persian shares for each HyEx stock, subject to approval by companies shareholders, regulators and the High Court of England and Wales.
The skilled HYEX, grader, and dozer operators of the 92d worked around the clock to clear concrete debris off the dirt path, widen and fill areas with several dump truck loads of gravel, and level out the approach from the bridge on the far shore.
The assets available were an M9 ACE team, a SEE from Bravo Company, a D7 dozer, and a HYEX from the 299th Multirole Bridge Company.
Enter the load factor for the single load asset available: one civilian HYEX and one civilian cherry picker
* The hydraulic excavator (HYEX) or trackhoe and Bobcat[R] skid steer were big winners.
You'll find them on Page 15-1 of TM 5-3805-280-10 for HYEX Type I and II.
By digging with the hydraulic excavator (HYEX), the crossing sites were emplaced easily and didn't hamper progress.
Operators, before you leave your HYEX for the day, make sure you dig and wash out all the mud it has picked up during operations.
The HYEX is deployable, and it replaces 12 to 15 pieces of equipment in the unit's inventory that are obsolete.
Clean air filters are important for all vehicles, but they're crucial on a HYEX. The engine will run rough or not at all if the filters are dogged.