HYHHold Your Horses
HYHHolding Your Hand
HYHHave You Heard
HYHHeights Young Hoods
HYHHard Yakka Heroes (gaming clan)
HYHHundred Year Hall (Grateful Dead album)
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HYH is a 2,380-square-meter space that provides 12 independent offices, coworking space, conference rooms, communication areas and self-built servers, and other software and hardware devices.
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(38.) With the exception of the verb hyh 'to be,' in which the first vowel in two forms (2m sg and 2m pl) is /i/: [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] heye, [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] heyu and in one form (2f sg) we encounter the regular /a/ form [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.] hayi.
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(NYSE: HYH) has closed a deal with Virginia, US-based healthcare services company Owens and Minor, Inc.
(NYSE: HYH) has entered into a definitive agreement with Virginia, US-based healthcare services company Owens and Minor, Inc.