HYMACHymac Hydraulic Excavator (UK)
HYMACHerts Young Mariners Adventure Club (Cheshunt, England, UK)
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For TDMA slot assignment DNIB [32] algorithm is used and for FDMA slot assignment, HyMAC algorithm is used.
Comparative simulations of EE-MAC and HyMAC are run on nS-2.
From the results obtained, it is evident that the performance of the EE-MAC is better than HyMAC in terms of energy consumption, the average delay for a node to deliver the packet, and packet delivery ratio.
Figures 4, 5, and 6 show the comparison of energy consumption by HyMAC and EE-MAC for all the three cases.
It can be observed from the figures that energy consumed by EE-MAC is lesser than that consumed by HyMAC in all scenarios.
Average delay taken by the node to deliver the data packet is calculated for both EE-MAC and HyMAC protocols in all 3 cases.
When the number of senders increase, the delay also increases for HyMAC because of heavy traffic.
Finally the packet delivery ratio is calculated for both EE-MAC and HyMAC protocols by using the following equation
It is believed a Hymac type digger on the back of a truck caused the damage to the Rathcoole Bridge on the N7 road in South Dublin.
The thieves' plan was further botched when they wedged the Hymac in the building and broke the prongs off the low loader.