HYMMHybrid Metric Map (autonomous vehicle navigation and mapping)
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So he broke into the 'Tivity Hymm, just as at Christmas carol-singing; when, lo and behold, down went the bull on his bended knees, in his ignorance, just as if
"When the congregation sang the last hymm Jerusalem, some of them were moved to tears."
A preacher given to haranging his congregation if he felt they had not given a sufficiently good account of themselves when it came to hymm singing.
The traditional song for the occasion is the Regina Coeli, the ancient Latin hymm to the Virgin Mary.
The couple thanked organist Meg King who played the last hymm called Bounessam which was the music for Morning Has Broken with words written especially for a wedding.
or was the dream-- this hymm, this ecstatic paean, this woven music of color and form, of the sense of airy space-- was the dream showing forth the power of memory now, today or at any moment of need?
(Such electronic nightmare images, indeed, triggered Schuyler's only other poem about the war, a piece titled "May, 1972," from the volume Hymm to Life.) The thread continues to unravel a moment later, when the tanager "becomes" (figuratively) a wounded warrior, "the soldier/ in 'Storm at Castlefranco'"; the drums we hear beating on East 95th Street, in the lines that follow, first seem to be beating "for soldiers in a storm," until a paratactic double-take reveals that "no, it's only a parade."