HYMSHull York Medical School (UK)
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A large number of Syrian fans in the city Hyms experienced an unforgettable night at the "Qalah and Wade Music Festival." The musical celebration started out with a performance by the Syrian contestant from the show "X-Factor," Muhammad Al Majdoob.
At the end of her performance Najwa thanked everyone for coming and said that she was extremely happy to meet her beloved Syrian fans in Hyms. The majority of the fans pushed their way through to photograph Najwa.
A prototype HYbrid Marketing System called HYMS has been developed to demonstrate to marketing executives its capability by helping them make more consistent and better decisions.
Therefore the role of HYMS in this research has been defined as decision supports and its functions are to provide users with a systematic planning process, guide them through the key stages of this process, offer expert advice, and make recommendations for defining objectives and selecting strategies.
As the main function of HYMS is to provide users with a systematic planning process, the selection of an effective planning process model is crucial.
Therefore, it was decided that HYMS would use McDonald's marketing planning process model to provide assistance for marketing planning managers.
These could all be good sources from which to acquire general knowledge for the HYMS knowledge base.
The HYMS prototype is an object-oriented system, in that all pieces of knowledge are grouped into classes of objects and methods are attached to attributes of classes.
HYMS used the Directional Policy Matrix (DPM) as its core model (Duan and Burrell, 1995).
An AHP decision support model is implemented in HYMS for assigning weightings to important marketing factors when analyzing a company's market attractiveness and business strength.
The implementation software chosen for HYMS is an object-oriented ES development tool.
After consulting with the experts, it was decided that HYMS would use a numeric scoring method for evaluating companies' situations, but this is still an issue which may need to be tested with different users to help the system developer choose the most adequate user-computer interface.