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HYPHalkin Yukselisi Partisi (Turkish: People's Ascent Party)
HYPHarvard, Yale, Princeton
HYPHyphenation (file name extension)
HYPHigh Yield Portfolio
HYPHispanic Yellow Pages (various locations)
HYPHigh Yield Plus Fund, Inc.
HYPHuntsville Young Professionals (Huntsville, AL)
HYPHey You Pikachu (game)
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The histological structure of the TAA rat's liver indicated several alterations supports the fibrogenic transformation of hypatocytes expressed biochemically by increase in TNF-a, TGF-AY and HYP (Fig.
Kevala kumbhaka and khecari mudra signal the internal purification of the seventy-two thousand naals, the three granthis (brahma, visnu, and siva), the five primary or lower cakras (muladhara, svadhisthana, manipura, anahata, and visuddhi), and the awakening of the siddhis (perfections, SS 3:54) in the beginning phase of unmarii (no-mind, see HYP 1:41).
To address these concerns, we carried out a systematic investigation on the effects of substituting hardwood bleached kraft pulp (HBKP) with HYP on the properties of basestock, coated, and calendered sheets, with a focus on lightweight coated grades.
SBP Points 95-105 0 HYP RX CVD 106-116 1 No = 0 No = 0 117-126 2 Yes = 2 Yes = 3 127-137 3 138-148 4 Diabetes AF 149-159 5 No = 0 No = 0 160-170 6 Yes = 2 Yes = 4 171-181 7 182-191 8 Cigarette Smoker LVH 192-202 9 No = 0 No = 0 203-213 10 Yes = 3 Yes = 6
Effect of YTE on the levels of HYP in lung tissues and Col-I in lung homogenates
The effect of daclizumab HYP on sustained disability progression in the SELECT trial - Poster 949
Effect of RA on liver coefficient, content of HYP in liver tissue and serum levels of ALT and AST
Results Show DAC HYP Reduces Annualized Relapse Rate by Up To 54 Percent-
The extracts and the formulations that contained a significant amount of HYP showed high induction of P-gp compared to the positive control, ritonavir.