HYPERFACEHypermedial User Interface
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"HyperFace" hopes its imitation facial features will cloud the systems from being able to tell which faces were real and subsequently misinterpret the emotional reactions detected towards certain online products.
An m-hypermap is a map with two types of faces, hyperedges with degree m and hyperfaces with degree divisible by m, such that every edge is located between a hyperedge and a hyperface.
We define (m, D)-hypermaps and (m, D)-constellations as m-hypermaps and m-constellations with the restriction that every hyperface has its degree in mD.
We define [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] to be the number of rooted m-constellations with n hyperedges, and hyperface degree restricted by the set D, with [a.sub.i] marked vertices of color i for i from 1 to m - 1.
The program can be run using either a command-line interface or a menu-driven interface (Hyperface), which provides windowed text menus and mouse support.