HYRHalf Year Review (finance)
HYRHalloween Young Run (Rockville, MD)
HYRH-Y Regulator
HYRHighlander Youth Recreation (little league team; Georgetown, IN)
HYRHilo Youth Robotics (Hawaii)
HYRHard Yacka Records (Australia)
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Mornon, "HYR, an extracellular module involved in cellular adhesion and related to the immunoglobulin-like fold," Protein Science, vol.
* Till/Tyll: "So God help me, ye maye alegge a pleyne excuse, I reke not who knoweith it, that thees dyrk werrys haue so hyndyrd me that hyr lyuelode and myne bothe shold be to lytyll to leue at oure ease tyll I wer ferther befor the hand than I kowde be thys two yer, and she fownd aftyr hyr honourre and my poore apetytt" (John Paston III, letter addressed to John Paston II 1473, 03, 08).
Mirk's Candlemass homily gives us specific details of the churching rite: "a woman cometh to pe chyche-dyrre tyll pe pryst come and cast holy watyr on hyr, and clansup hur, and so takyth hyr by pe hond, and bryngyth hur to pe chyche, 3euyng hur leue to come to pe chyrch, and to goo to hur husbandys bed" (59).
Given by Katherine of Aragon to a lady in waiting, it had then moved on through that recipient's family: an inscription on the fly-leaf records that 'Thys boke was good queen Katrins boke and she gave yt to Mrs Coke hir woman and she gave yt to Katryne Ogle hyr dawghter and she gave yt to Roger Ogle her husband and the sayd Roger wyll that at my deth she shall have the sayd boke ageyn and non other to have yt'.
aastatel Uus-Parnus Karksi kumpan oma sojasalgaga (als dy werdige cumphaenn hyr thor malffe wass myth guden manne).
Indeed, her attention to incorporating others' speech into her discourse suggests she regards her letters not only as a space for reporting business transactions and estate information but also as a space for presenting and promoting others' causes and petitions to her husband, in this sense, Margaret becomes a medium of sorts giving others' voices the opportunity to speak to her husband through her letters: Item, my cosyn Crane recomandyth hyr to yow and prayith yow bat ye wole wychesaue to spek to Jamys Gresham for to swe forthe the mater betwyx Dame Margaret Spurdans and hyr; and sehe prayith yow at the reuerens of God pat ye wole tendyr pat mater well, for all hyr troste is in yow.
[he could not] so cheplye lett the same as hyr hyghnes maskes be lett.,, [15]
She writes, "My ladys graces secretary beyng besy wt my lady about hyr lernyng / hyr grace was lothe to let hym to wrete thes letter / wharefore hyr grace commanded me to wrette hauyng no respecte to the rudenes of my wretyng."(25) This indicates that she felt unease with the situation, not only because she considered herself insufficiently skilled for the task, but also because the role of a secretary was usually performed by a man.
Davies, there are seven passages printed as verse, only four of which are listed in the IMEV; Letter 270 contains two verse passages (one beginning 'Wherffor prennes en gree', and the other, 'Neuertheless I am sorye <th>at Rygge') and Letter 350 includes another (a passage beginning 'But Fortune wyth hyr smylyng contenans strange').
And they answerden alle, upon hir fey, That they forgave yt hyr, for yt was ryght; It was no gilt, it lay not in hir myght; And seyden hir ensamples many oon.
Colle seems to attempt to catch Brundyche in a witty jest by retorting, 'Why, ys she in hyr graue?' (l 584), but the physician explains he has 'gyven hyr a drynke made full well' of ingredients commonly found in late medieval medicines (ll 585-7).
UK-based waste oil reprocessor Hydrodec Group plc (AIM: HYR) has disposed of its UK-based Hydrodec Ltd.