HYSIMHighway Driving Simulator
HYSIMHydrologic Simulation Model
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HYSIM is a high-fidelity, fully interactive, fixed-base driving simulator.
On each of the four test days, subjects entered the HYSIM scenario at a different starting point.
They were driven to TFHRC on four consecutive afternoons to drive the HYSIM. Each subject drove the simulator for approximately 40 minutes between 2 p.m.
Subsequently, HYSIM was built and tested under federal oversight in California.
Basically, HYSIM consists of a car cab that provides a realistic driving environment, a variety of computers to control the simulation, and two primary visual systems.
The graphics computer also controlled the vehicle dynamics of the HYSIM.
The scenario the subjects drove in the HYSIM was based on roads in Detroit, Michigan.
The center of the "correct" lane (the lane in which the driver should have been) was given the value of O; deviations were measured based on placement of the center of the HYSIM car relative to the zero point.
Having acquired and used myself all of those simulators at Ecole Polytechnique I agree Hysim is the simplest to master and use, at least at a primary level, a point which has been stated on other occasions and without ambiguityl, [1,2].
It is far more than devoted to the subject in a standard introductory workshop for any of those simulation softwares (incidently, judging from the announcements I receive regularly, introductory workshops are approximately of the same length for Hysim and the other simulators).
Hysim (a Canadian product) for example, meets these criteria in part and two to three hours of tutorial instruction provide a solid basis for further independent exploration.
For the moment Hysim appears best suited for instructional purposes and has been implemented successfully at several institutions.