HYSPLITHybrid Single-Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory
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Ozone exceedance in 2011 was chosen in backward analysis via HYSPLIT due to its higher exceedance value compared to other years.
Rolph, HYSPLIT (HYbrid Single-Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory) Model access via NOAA ARL READY Website (http://www.
2013) HYSPLIT Cr, Co, Ni, La, Yes Zn, Mo Fallah Shorshani et al.
Identification of regional atmospheric PM10 transport pathways using HYSPLIT, MM5-CMAQ and synoptic pressure pattern analysis, Environmental Modelling & Software, 25: 927-934.
1,460 runs) of the 4-year period by means of the HYSPLIT code (Air Resources Laboratory 2010).
HYSPLIT back-trajectories indicated that the trajectories of all positive samples collected during ADS periods were from mainland China (Figure 1A), whereas those collected during background days were not (Figure 1B).
Thanks are due to Andreas Dornbrack, Robert Baumann, and Ingo Wenzel for preparing ECMWF and HYSPLIT trajectories and for their support with the weather forecast during SALTRACE.
Similarly, the HYSPLIT model celebrating its 30th Anniversary on our cover has traveled far beyond the single radiosonde-based trajectories it calculated for radioactive debris.
We highlight recent applications of the HYSPLIT modeling system, including the simulation of atmospheric tracer release experiments, radionuclides, smoke originated from wild fires, volcanic ash, mercury, and wind-blown dust.
HYSPLIT was chosen for its low computational overhead to allow for operational forecast guidance to be made available to stakeholders and the public on a daily basis and in a timely way.
The HYSPLIT IV model was obtained from the NOAA/Air Resources Laboratory.
Plume dispersion forecasts from the HYSPLIT model were used to plan this experiment and the Falcon flight was designed to cover the three-dimensional structure of the evolving plume, from the vicinity of the vessel up to a downwind distance of more than 70 km.