HZCRHyperbaar Zuurstof Centrum Rijnmond (Dutch: Hyperbaric Oxygen Center Rijnmond; Zwijndrecht, The Netherlands)
HZCRHigh Zero Crossing Rate (audio)
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HZCR is a rare and delayed complication of HZO as seen in our case and literature search revealed only 3 such cases in the past and the last case reported was in 1995.
Contralateral hemiplegia following HZO has pathogenesis similar to that of HZCR.
The similar duration [Delayed] in development of HZCR and hemiplegia following HZO and the histopathological findings of granulomatous angiitis in both cerebral and choroidal vessels [6,9] supports the assumption that occlusive choroidal vasculitis is the underlying mechanism in HZCR.