HZEHilfen Zur Erziehung (German: Aid to Education)
HZEHigh-Z High-Energy
HZEHighly Ionizing Radiation
HZEHerpes Zoster Encephalitis
HZEHigh-Ionizing High Energy Particles
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Exposure to high-energy particle radiation (HZE) may cause oxidative stress and cognitive impairment in the same manner that seen in aged mice.
The reasons for this are three-fold: (1) a small but highly significant component of the radiation spectrum in outer space consists of highly-charged high-energy (HZE) particles, which are not routinely experienced on earth and for which there are insufficient data on biological effects; (2) most studies on the biological effects of radiation (to date) have been high-dose, high dose- rate, whereas in space, with the exception of solar particle events, radiation exposures will be low-dose, low dose-rate; (3) although it has been established that the virtual absence of gravity in space has a profound effect on human physiology, it is not clear whether these effects will act synergistically with those of radiation exposure.
A select panel will evaluate the utilizing experiments and models, to accurately predict the risks associated with exposure to HZE particles.