HZSHogere ZeevaartSchool (Dutch type of maritime academy)
HZSHrvatski Zrakoplovni Savez (Croatian Aeronautical Federation)
HZSHasseltse Zwemvereniging Spartacus (Dutch: Flemish Swimming Federation)
HZSHasicsky Zachranny Sbor (Czech: Fire Brigade)
HZSHonolulu Zoo Society (est. 1969; Honolulu, HI)
HZSHellenic Zoological Society (est. 1980; Athens, Greece)
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Later on, the Admiral had calls on with various heads of shipbuilding industry including Chairman China Shipbuilding Industrial Corporation (CSIC), China Shipbuilding Offshore International Company (CSOC), Hudong Zhoghua Shipyard (HZS) and Shuang Liu Construction Base.
One of them died in the accident, the TASR newswire wrote on the same day.The man who reported the incident to the HZS was another member of the group who was not hit by the snow.
The VZZS doctor and HZS rescuer then continued resuscitation, helped by other mountain rescuers.Avalanche risk still highA woman aged 30 was transported to Poprad, and later to Kosice hospital.
This approach retains only the main co-factors among the collinear factors, thereby generating a tree in which the terminal nodes represent classes of HZs with common characteristics.
Spatial scan analysis showed that almost all suspected plague cases were recorded in 3 clusters: Ganga HZ, Wamba HZ (both located in equatorial forest lowlands), and 5 HZs in the Ituri highlands (Fataki, Linga, Logo, Rethy, and Rimba) (Figure 2).
[32] believed that hydrocarbon migration was mainly controlled by the heterogeneity of carrier beds, while Shi (2013) concluded that structural morphology in the HZS was the primary control of petroleum migration pathway based on 3D computer modeling.
The HZS is located in the central part of the Zhu-I Depression and characterized by half grabens or strongly asymmetric grabens (Figure 1 profile AA' and profile BB7).
The new product range offers Scroll (HZS) and Hermetic (HZH) options for both medium temperature and low temperature operation, with a future range of EVI scroll low temperature machines to follow shortly.
The same refrigeration unit fitted with a Hubbard HZS Zenith Scroll unit operating in PEEC mode would incur an energy cost of just [pounds sterling] 654.00 per annum.