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HZVHausarztzentrierten Versorgung (Family-doctor-centered Healthcare, Germany)
HZVHerpes Zoster Virus
HZVHerpes Zoster-Varicella
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Additional vaccines that may be considered for older adults are pneumococcal vaccines: PCV13 and, eight weeks later, 23-valent polysaccharide vaccine (23PPV) or 23PPV alone (3,5) (neither are funded), and HZV vaccine (as above).
Only 16% of general internists and 6% of family physicians had administered HZV to more than 50 patients in the previous year, while 47% and 49%, respectively, had given the vaccine to fewer than 10 patients.
In house PCR, typing by restriction endonuclease (RE) digestion for CSF (CHL) Herpes zoster virus HZV (refer varicella zoster) Human coronavirus (not SARS) HCV 229E, HCVOC43 Human herpes virus Roseola infantum, xanthema type 6 (HHV6) subitum, Sixth disease.