HAABHerzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek (Duchess Anna Amalia Library, Weimar, Germany)
HAABHypo Alpe-Adria-Bank (Italy)
HAABHeparin-Associated Antiplatelet Antibody
HAABHispanic Affairs Advisory Board (Miami, FL)
HAABHousing Authority of Abbeville (Abbeville, LA)
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Haab claimed CNN would not let him ask his question.
Caption: OPPOSITE: Banyan Tree HAAB, an amazing Mayan dining experience with fire performers.
HAAB Group CEO Ahmed Alamoudi said: "We are delighted to announce the return of Harry Ramsden's to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-We have been most impressed with the successful repositioning of the brand in recent times and know from our own experience that there is a huge appetite for its offering across the Kingdom, so we are entering into this new partnership with great confidence.
La proyeccion del Tzolkin sobre el Haab permite un total de 18 980 combinaciones en 52 anos a 365 dias computados, que se conoce como "rueda calendarica".
Batte, Hooker, Haab, and Beaverson (2007) found that families with children or infants were willing to pay higher prices for food with organic ingredients than were consumers without children.
Los ninos con glaucoma congenito, y en particular aquellos con estrias de Haab, segun estos autores, tienen la histeresis corneal bastante mas reducida.
Yasa bagli makula dejenerasyonu (YBMD) ilk defa 1885'te Otto Haab tarafindan 50 yas uzerindeki olgularda makulada pigmenter ve atrofik degisikliklerle giden ve merkezi gorme keskinliginde ilerleyici azalma ile karakterize bir klinik gorunum olarak tanimlanmistir.
Africa's Sahara desert and parts of the Middle East are often hit with powerful dust storms, also called haboobs derived from the Arabic word haab, which means wind, because of dry conditions and large amounts of sand.
Haab & Jeremy Beaverson, Putting Their Money Where Their Mouths Are: Consumer Willingness to Pay for Multi-Ingredient, Processed Organic Food Products, 32 FOOD POL'Y 145, 158 (2007) ("[A]s the organic supply chain becomes more fully developed, allowing greater ease of sourcing a broad range of a product's ingredients, the costs of these higher organic content products will likely decrease relative to lesser organic content alternatives.
haab 'aspen', hapu 'sour', ihu(-ma) 'to hone', jahva(ta-ma) 'to grind', jumal 'god', kaheksa '8', kevad 'spring', kuk(-lane) 'ant', kummar(da-ma) 'to bow', karbes 'fly', kund(-ma) 'to plough', loo(-ma) 'to create', mahtu(-ma) 'to fit', mari 'berry', nood 'those', oks 'twig', oota(-ma) 'to wait', parm 'horsefly', pusima 'to stay', saar 'ash tree', selg 'back', tamm 'oak', tuum 'nucleus', taht 'star', uhmer 'mortar', vaher 'maple', valge 'white', uheksa '9'.
En la cuenta corta habia dos sistemas de conteo: el Tzolkin de 260 dias y el Haab de 360, los cuales se desfasaban y volvian a coincidir al cabo de 52 anos.
Hampel C, Artibani W, Espuna Pons M, Haab F, Jackson S, Romero J, Gavart S, Papanicolaou S.