HAABHerzogin Anna Amalia Bibliothek (Duchess Anna Amalia Library, Weimar, Germany)
HAABHypo Alpe-Adria-Bank (Italy)
HAABHispanic Affairs Advisory Board (Miami, FL)
HAAbHousing Authority of Abbeville (Abbeville, LA)
HAABHeparin-Associated Antiplatelet Antibody
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In addition, Haab said the company has goals this year to increase earnings by at least twice the industry average and increase dividends.
Haab is being appointed by the Board to fill a vacancy on the Board of Directors.
This is similar to the results reported by Litwiller and colleagues and slightly higher than what was reported by Haab and colleagues.
Haab and McConnell, 2002; Long, 1997; Powers and Xie, 2000), yet in CLM, explanatory variables are house attributes in this case.
Sherri Haab is the author of The Art of Metal Clay and an award-winning author, illustrator and product designer of how-to books for children.
Sherri Haab is an award-winning author, illustrator and designer of several crafts books; she also teaches classes in crafts and jewelry making.
We estimate the variance of WTP (and, subsequently, confidence intervals) based on Haab and McConnell's (1997, p.
Based on extensive research this morning, I have found there were three calendars: the Long Count, the Tzolkin and the Haab.
Therefore, a Weibull survival model that constrains the WTP to be positive was run using the discrete choice answers (see Haab and McConnell, 1997).
Details for calculating the lower-bound mean WTP values and the variance of the lower bound can be found in Haab and McConnell (1997).
Haab BB, Geierstanger BH, Michailidis G, Vitz thum F, Forrester S, Okon R, et al.
Our lab produces a wide variety of microarrays, including antibody, protein, glycan, small molecule, and RNAi," says Brian Haab, Senior Scientific Researcher at Van Andel's Laboratory of Cancer Immunodiagnostics.