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According to a source,"NASA shall develop a prototype deep space habitation module within the advanced exploration systems program no later than 2018.
Like its predecessors, ATV-4 is much more than a simple supply vessel: it is a space tug, a tanker, a freighter and a temporary habitation module.
Drawing on the latest scientific research, this book offers a lively picture of what a Mars expedition would be like--from life aboard a Mars habitation module and exploration of the planet's surface to the triumphant return to Earth.
Tranquility will be outfitted as a second habitation module for the live-aboard station crew, housing a toilet, oxygen generator, air scrubber and water recycling system.
Based on the design of a space suit, the international space station is considering building a lightweight, multilayer, puncture resistant, inflatable habitation module for astronauts.
4) The habitation module will provide living quarters for astronauts (scheduled launch: January 2004).
The Habitation Module, which is about the size of a school bus, will be the main living space for the astronauts.
5m Habitation module Robotic cargo ship Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre Core module Beijing CHINA Hong Kong 500 Miles Shenzhou type craft
Spending for the International Space Station will be cut back, with the Habitation Module and the Crew Return Vehicle likely to be canceled in an attempt to recover from multibillion-dollar overruns.
The astronauts will live and sleep in the Habitation Module.
The space agency is also considering partnerships for other elements of the gateway, such as logistics, airlocks and habitation modules.
The proposal details how NASA's new Space Launch System rockets, Orion crew capsules, and Deep Space Habitation modules would first demonstrate the ability to get a crew to Mars orbit in the early 2030s.