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HABOHelp A Brother Out
HABOHave A Better One
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In a statement to SANA, Habo indicated that the ministry is preparing an integrated plan for developing olive tree cultivation in terms of the area and production to be adopted in the coming stage in all fields such as prevention and the selection of ecofriendly varieties.
Habo is called a zeruzeru, or nothing- nothing, by the people he encounters.
Several houses were also leveled and crops destroyed in the villages of Azqi, Kfar Habo and Ayoun al-Samak.
The Uyghur medicine, Xipayi KuiJiean, was provided by the Xinjiang Cicon Habo Uyghur Medicine Co., Ltd.
Likande la hae li kalela kwamulaho kasilimo sa 1994, ili fa na utwezi kubo Induna (baeteleli ba munzi) ba sibaka sa habo kuli katengo ka kwamukunda ka kaikemezi ne ka bata kulifa musali kuli a be ya Okamezi Limbule za Sicaba.
The company has a total 80 employees in its offices in Habo and Malmo, both in southern Sweden, Gothenburg, in western Sweden, and Stockholm.
Olaya calcula que el Ingenio pudo tener entre 1.800 a 2.000 trabajadores, de los cuales 4/5 partes eran de campo, entre los cuales habo entre 100 y 120 mujeres repartidas en tres turnos, en la seccion de empaque, llamada el Azucarero.
[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [Martwlobay habo t'p'ilelisay]," in Abuladze, ed., [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [Dzveli kartuli agiograpiuli literaturis dzeglebi; Monuments of Old Georgian Hagiographical Literature], 1:46-81;.
Lin Qingguo, the head of rocket engine development at the Shanghai Institute of Space Propulsion, entered the HABO 1, a Volkswagen Santana that runs on hydrogen peroxide.
An example of Income equalisation in 2004 SEK Municipality Municipality receiving paying a a transfer contribution (Overtornea) (Habo) A.