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HABSMontréal Canadiens (NHL)
HABSLes Habitants (Montreal Canadians Hockey Club)
HABSHistoric American Building Survey
HABSHaberdashers' Aske's Boys' School (UK)
HABSHigh-Affinity Binding Site
HABSHigh Altitude Bombing System
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Ohio State scientists will use the funding to develop a watershed classification system to diagnose and manage HABs in the upper Ohio River basin by determining characteristics related to distribution, duration and intensity of HABs.
Exposure to HABs through contact, inhalation, or ingestion of contaminated water can cause illness in humans and animals (2,3).
Keywords: HABs; Red Tides; HAB Controls; Desalination Plants; Beneficial Reuse
Where other studies have linked weather phenomena to HABs, this study goes a step further to look at how environmental drivers impact each other, and "ranks" them by their relative importance in promoting HABs, says Song Liang, associate professor of environmental and global health at the University of Florida.
HABs occur naturally, but in recent years nutrient-rich agricultural runoff, transport of HAB species via ship ballast water, coastal aquaculture farms (which both introduce nutrients and are in turn threatened by blooms), and climate change appear to have contributed to an expansion and intensification of HAB activity worldwide.
Just as "location, location, location" is the mantra for realtors selling homes, "phosphorus, phosphorus, phosphorus" is the mantra for lake managers and DEC when addressing HABs.
Even more important, goalie Tuukka Rask -- who came up with a 35-save gem in the win -- had struggled mightily against the hated Habs, coming into that game with lifetime stats of a 2-10 record, 2.
This deployment is a critical step toward our long-term dream of having a network of instruments moored along the coast of the Gulf of Maine, routinely providing data on the distribution and abundance of HAB cells and toxins," said Anderson, the project's principal investigator.
The CHS collection contains the exhaustive and methodically prepared photographic prints, negatives, photographic pages, inventory work sheets, photograph-data book reports, and measured drawings that constitute the HABS program's official documentation.
Management Association of Ohio, featured the problems of HABs in their Summer 2011 issue of their newsletter, Ohio Shorelines which can be downloaded from their web page at ftp://ftp.
Ebrahim Al Jamali, director of Ministry of Environment and Water's marine environmental research centre, said large areas of algae were reported on December 8, but this is not HAB.
The multifaceted effects of the plant extract appear to positively influence the complex developmental processes of dementia," the Daily Telegraph quoted Habs as saying.