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HADESHigh Acceptance Di-Electron Spectrometer (Hadron Physics Experiment at GSI Darmstadt)
HADESHigh Activity Disposal Experimental Site for Radioactive Waste
HADEShigh-speed ATM Data Encryption Standard
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On this, many dead men's ghosts will come to you, and you must tell your men to skin the two sheep that you have just killed, and offer them as a burnt sacrifice with prayers to Hades and to Proserpine.
When he heard the noise of the men bustling about, he jumped up on a sudden and forgot all about coming down by the main staircase, so he tumbled right off the roof and broke his neck, and his soul went down to the house of Hades.
"When I had got the men together I said to them, 'You think you are about to start home again, but Circe has explained to me that instead of this, we have got to go to the house of Hades and Proserpine to consult the ghost of the Theban prophet Teiresias.'
Bloody Mars was stripping him of his armour, and Minerva donned the helmet of Hades, that he might not see her; when, therefore, he saw Diomed, he made straight for him and let Periphas lie where he had fallen.
"(https://www.supergiantgames.com/blog/hades-coming-soon-to-steam-early-access/) Hades " is a single-player multiplatform title that puts players in the shoes of a son of Greek god of the underworld Hades as he tries to run away and escape his father's domain.
Hades was actually pronounced Hades with the e silent, as in nearby Hade Edge, and is a derelict village of long abandoned ruins.
Among their topics are divine bondage and katabaseis in Hesiod's Theogony, round trip to Hades: Herakles' advice and directions, following the dead to the Underworld: an archaeological approach to Graeco-Roman death oracles, Hades meets Lazarus: the literary katabasis in 12th-century Byzantium, and many (un)happy returns: ancient Greek concepts of a return from death and their later counterparts.
This time, Ray has to find a way to get inside Hades, the most elaborate prison ever built, to save Shu Ren (Huang Xiaoming), an operative in the security firm he runs who has been kidnapped and hauled off to Hades by the warden-like Zookeeper and his terrifying underlings.
The Hades Canyon NUC is getting closer to being released, as evidenced by the number of reviews that have been published online in the past couple of days.
Kerin McCurdy is now suing Hades' owners, alleging their negligence led to her injuries during the mid-May encounter.
Nra wanted one of the women finalists to wear the style Raven ankle boots made by Hades Alternative Footwear.
Hades had his painful brush with death after going missing from his home in Wand Hill Gardens, Boosbeck.