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HAKHugs And kisses (chat)
HAKHandelsakademie (German: kind of school)
HAKHrvatski Autoklub (Croatian Automobile Club)
HAKHenry A. Kissinger (former US Secretary of State)
HAKHumor a Kvalita (Czech: Humor and Quality; literary journal; Prague, Czech Republic)
HAKHaikou, China - Haikou (Airport Code)
HAKHorticultural Association of Kenya (trade group)
HAKHumanitarian Aid Kit (emergency care)
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Kim Hak Song is among at least four Americans being detained in North Korea.
A survey work of this scope, given the abundance of prior specialist studies, is a challenging assignment and Hak delivers with competence and finesse.
Others finishing inside the top 10 include Michigan State's Ryan Brehm (2nd) and Louisville's Sebastian Szirmak (3rd)- who both finished tied for 5th at Black Bear, Jacksonville State alum and 2011 NGA Tour Player of the Year Jeff Corr (4th)- who finished a shot back of Hak and Kizzire in 3rd at Black Bear, Indiana U's Brant Peaper (5th), Florida Southern's Brian Richey (6th), Uli Weinhandl (8th)- the only Austrian to ever win on the NGA Tour, Laval Universite's Mathieu Gingras (9th), Duke star Michael Schachner (10th), and Eastern Michigan alum Chris Ross (1st).
An Istanbul Stock Exchange and Turkish Derivatives Exchange member, HAK also owns a minority stake in central clearing and settlement bank Takasbank AS.
Problems with sexual functioning are common in all patients with cancer and occur in up to 90% of men receiving Androgen-deprivation therapy (Korfage, Hak de Koning, & Essink-Bot, 2006).
This workshop, organised by the Arab Institute for Human Rights (AIHR) and the Palestinian Al Hak (Truth) Centre for International Law, should examine, in the presence of Tunisian and Arab human rights activists, mechanisms of governance and documentation on human rights abuses and elaborating specialised reports in this area.
Special Forces soldiers who have been living rough in this valley, mentoring Hak and the other ALP recruits nominated by local tribal leaders.
Hak edilip alinamamis buna karsin gercekte hak etmeyen kisilere verilmis yazarlik (hediye yazarlik=yazarlik ikrami) onemli bir sorun olarak karsimizdadir.
People have been clamoring for pieces from the furniture store since it opened last June, so much so that owner Shaden Abdel Hak opened a second outlet for her store to make the products and philosophy of Art of Form more accessible to clients.
Heba Al Kharafi introduces the HAK Award for Women and Arts at the WIL Forum in Dubai to generate awareness on how traditional arts can bridge the gap between cultures and religions to generate more tolerance.
Traditionally this type of fruit product is packaged in glass or metal, but HAK was drawn to plastics due to their versatility in terms of convenience, appearance and efficiency in logistics.