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HAM[not an acronym] slang for Amateur Radio Operator
HAMHamlet (Amtrak station code; Hamlet, NC)
HAMHigh and Mighty
HAMHak Asasi Manusia (Indonesian: Human Rights)
HAMHolla at Me
HAMHost Adapter Module
HAMHard As a Motherfucker
HAMHybrid Access Method
HAMHardware Modem
HAMHold and Modify
HAMHistorical Anthology of Music
HAMHTLV-1-Associated Myelopathy
HAMHuman Associative Memory (cognition)
HAMHypertext Abstract Machine (computing)
HAMHold And Modify (Amiga Graphics Mode)
HAMHigh Alert Medication
HAMHandheld Amateur Radio
HAMHonda of America Manufacturing, Inc. (automobile manufacturer)
HAMHeight Adjustment Maneuver (US NASA)
HAMHigh Altitude Mountaineering
HAMHospital-Acquired Malnutrition
HAMHigh Availability Module (Internet connectivity)
HAMHamburg, Germany - Fuhlsbuttel (Airport Code)
HAMHumans Against Monsters (gaming, Runescape group)
HAMHydrogenic Atoms in Molecules
HAMHealth, Action, Mind (Star Wars Galaxies)
HAMHumans and Monsters (internet comic)
HAMHospital Account Manager
HAMHistory, Allergies, Medications (medical)
HAMHankel Approximation Method
HAMHaul Ass and Move
HAMHose Assembly Machine
HAMHeat Alcohol Massage (things to avoid post Iinjury)
HAMHemodialysis Access Management (surgery)
HAMHierarchical Archive Manager
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In February 2013 the Koalisi Masyarakat Sipil untuk HAM dan Komnas HAM (Civil Society Coalition for Human Rights and Komnas HAM) issued a press statement claiming that the Komisi Nasional Hak Asasi Manusia (Indonesian National Human Rights Commission; hereafter Komnas HAM) was in a perilous situation (di ujung tanduk).
17) The establishment of Komnas HAM thus fitted well into this particular time, especially considering the main themes of the policy: hak asasi manusia (human rights) and demokratisasi (democratization) (Aspinall 2005:43-5).
33) At the state level, several state institutions charged with human rights were established, such as Komnas Perempuan (34) (Komisi Nasional Anti Kekerasan Terhadap Perempuan, the National Commission on Violence Against Women) in 1998; and the following year saw the creation of the Direktorat Jenderal Hak Asasi Manusia (Directorate General on Human Rights) within the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.
Her two case studies are Solidaritas Perempuan untuk Hak Asasi Manusia, or Women's Solidarity for Human Rights, founded in the early 1990s; and the relatively younger Migrant CARE or Indonesian Association for Migrant Workers Sovereignty.