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HAKIHak Atas Kekayaan Intelektual (Indonesia)
HAKIHimpunan Ahli Konstruksi Indonesia (Indonesian: Association of Indonesian Construction Experts)
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Alil Demiri, Afrim Ismailovik, Agim Ismailovik, Fejzi Aziri, Haki Aziri and Sami Ljuta were indicted, tried and found guilty of murdering them.
An inquest recorded Ms Haki, originally from London, died from pneumonia caused by swine flu and paracetamol toxicity.
The inquest heard paramedics advised Ms Haki to stay at home, self medicate and seek GP advice, despite recording 'grossly abnormal' temperature, respiratory and heart rate readings.
Parliament Security and Defence Commission member Haki al-Zamili pointed out that the army needs more time to hand over the internal security to the Interior Ministry.
There's a useful term for it: haki fadi-empty talk.
Haki is a Kikuyu boy who sells vegetables planted and tended by Kikuyu farmers.
Luai Jamal, the Bahrain Club star, defeated Hussain Al Haki 11-6, 11-3, 11-0.
Jordanians Khalil Hasan Al Alih and Walid Abu Aisem and Indonesian Bae Haki were arrested last month on separate raids conducted by security forces in Manila and in Central Philippine's Boracay resort.
Forty years of success is remarkable for any independent company, and in the book publishing industry it's nothing less than extraordinary," says Third World Press founder and President Haki R.
Haki Madhubti celebrates the musicality of the black vernacular tradition in "The B Network"; his discussion focuses heavily on the usefulness of rap as the vehicle for the next generation of black poets.
Among those readers who did take notice was Haki Madhubuti, founder and publisher of Chicago--based Third World Press.
Enzymatic hydrolysis of starch on the other hand has several advantages, such as the specificity of enzymes allows the production of sugar syrups with well-defined physical and chemical properties, and the milder enzymatic reaction conditions result in few side reactions and less browning (Poonam and Dalel, 1995; Haki and Rakshit, 2003a).