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HEDHeavy Equipment Division (various locations)
HEDHypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia
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HEDHidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia
HEDHall Effect Device
HEDHowardite-Eucrite-Diogenite (suite of achondrite meteorites)
HEDHuman Engineering Data
HEDHic Est Depositus (Latin: Here He Was Buried, epigraphy)
HEDHistoriae Ecclesiasticae (Doctor of Church History) Doctor, academic degree)
HEDHousehold Energy and Development (UK)
HEDHuman Energy Expenditure
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Delahaye, Series and Parallel Connection of Multiterminal Quantum Hall Effect Devices, J.
Additionally, radio frequency technology requires no magnetic parts, eliminating the potential for blade movement interference often caused by ferrous particle buildup encountered with Hall Effect devices.
Micropac is a diversified, technology that provides microcircuit multi-chip modules, Hall Effect devices and optoelectronic components/assemblies that are developed and manufactured with designs to meet specific customer applications and requirements.
Plessey designs products for high performance applications and its range of integrated sensing products includes CMOS image sensors, Hall Effect devices and its award-winning EPIC electric potential sensors.
The new integrated circuit (IC) replaces conventional discrete solutions consisting of voltage sense transformers, current sense transformers, and hall effect devices with a single integrated solution improving accuracy, reliability and size.
5 uA), fully-integrated compensation and push-pull CMOS logic output circuitry make these devices an attractive alternative to mechanical switches and competitive Hall effect devices.