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HALHardware Abstraction Layer
HALHeuristically-programmed Algorithmic Computer (computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey)
HAL[not an acronym] from 2001: A Space Odyssey
HALHome Automated Living
HALHalliburton (oil service company)
HALHindustan Aeronautics Limited
HALHybrid Assistive Limb (robotic suit)
HALHistory, Arts and Libraries
HALHalon (fire protection agent)
HALHalberd (Runescape gaming)
HALHyper Article En Ligne (Hyper Article on Line)
HALHypertext Application Language (Internet draft standard)
HALHuman Access Language
HALHouse Programmed Array Logic
HALHeuristic Algorithmic Computer
HALHardware Array Logic
HALHawaiian Airlines (ICAO code)
HALHolland Amerika Lijn (Dutch: Holland America Line)
HALHer Active Life (women's health publication)
HALHistidine Ammonia-Lyase
HALHold at Location (shipping)
HALHorticulture Australia Ltd.
HALHealth Advisory Level
HALHot Air Leveling (technique for laying soldering coating on circuit boards)
HALHackers At Large
HALAtlantic Halibut
HALHard Array Logic
HALHardware Adaptation Layer
HALHeavy Axle Load (transportation)
HALHunter Associates Laboratory (Reston, VA)
HALHand Activity Level
HALHigh Accident Location
HALHigh-Order Assembly Language
HALHardware Artificial Life
HALHyperspace Analog to Language
HALHouston Aerospace Language (US NASA)
HALHoward Astronomical League (Howard County, Maryland)
HALHigh Temperature Acoustic Levitator (US NASA)
HALHargrave-Andrew Library (Monash University, Australia)
HALHampden Agencies Limited (UK)
HALHyper-Algorithmic Logic (Star Bridge Systems Inc. hypercomputer technology)
HALHorizontal Alert Limit
HALHickling Arthurs Low Corporation (Canada)
HALHumanities, Arts and Languages
HALHuman Access Language (early variation of Lotus 123)
HALHelicopter Attack Squadron Light (US Navy aviation unit designation used 1967-72 and again 1976-88)
HALHeight Above Landing Area
HALHistorical Annotated Landings (National Marine Fisheries Service database)
HALHighly Automated Logic
HALHolston Associated Libraries, Inc.
HALHalken Laboratories Inc
HALHypertext Aided Learning
HALHomework Access Line
HALHyperbaric Airlock
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"Given the multiple ongoing investigations into Halliburton's alleged wrongdoing, policymakers should closely scrutinize Halliburton's latest move, and whether it will allow the company to further elude accountability," says Charlie Cray, co-director of Halliburton Watch and director of the Center for Corporate Policy, a project of Essential Information, the fiscal sponsor of Multinational Monitor.
Roni Robinson, Tax Specialist with Halliburton Company in Houston, recently received Halliburton's MVP award for her activities with the TEI-IRS Forms and Attachments Task Group.
That time frame might have been significantly longer if Halliburton, which just reported a 284-percent increase in its fourth quarter profits due to its Iraq reconstruction contracts, were not actively providing the Iranian government with the financial means to build a nuclear weapon.
Foremost among those profiting from Katrina is the Halliburton Corporation, which received a no-bid contract for rebuilding military facilities damaged by the storm.
Halliburton Co., Bechtel Corp., and Shaw Group, Inc., all firms with deep connections to the Bush administration, have been among the first in line to receive big reconstruction contracts in the wake of havoc wrought by Hurricane Katrina.
American authorities are asking wether the US army's handling of an Iraq contract with Halliburton violated procurement rules and whether the company over-charged the US government for fuel.
The Army plans to break up the multibillion-dollar logistics contract with Halliburton Co.
There is new evidence that Halliburton is taking U.S.
Equitas and its insured, Halliburton, have reached a conditional $575 million settlement of asbestos claims, and Equitas has announced that it is willing to come to agreements with any of its policyholders as long as they are interest in "realistic" settlements.
Equitas agreed to pay Halliburton $575 million in two payments over an 18-month period, about 60 percent of its potential insurance exposure to Halliburton.
The firm, Halliburton, apparently did not profit from the possible overcharges, officials said.
Halliburton is set to resume activities in the oilfields of Sirte after security and stability were restored in the Libyan city, according to a statement by Sirte Oil Company (SOC).