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BANNOCKBURN, IL -- An IPC subcommittee is beginning work on an update to its 2003 white paper on halogenated flame retardant use in PCBs and assemblies.
Some of the manufacturers focus on producing halogenated flame retardant chemicals, while others focus on producing non-halogenated flame retardant chemicals.
It was developed as an environmentally-friendly and safe alternative to PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or halogenated flame retardant TPE.
Environmental and health concerns over halogenated flame retardant chemicals should also allow additional market share for halogen replacements, especially in parts of Europe where bans on specific halogenated chemicals exist.
“The focus is on developing more sustainable products like water soluble resins and non halogenated flame retardant grades.” “Beyond those new products we will expand our portfolio by carrying different types of curing agents in our portfolio, which will make us a better solution provider and it will enhance our service model for our customers.”
The company says there was no effective way to combine flame retardants and UV stabilisers, as light activates a chemical reaction between the halogenated flame retardant and HALS stabilisers, which causes the deactivation of the light stabilising properties.
When blended with a brominated FR compound for injection molded appliance parts like tv housings, oxyPP maintained equivalent UL 94 ratings with less than half the original amount of the halogenated flame retardant, Basell claims.
This "Blue Angel" legislation would ban the use of halogenated flame retardant compounds: they emit toxic--potentially deadly--smoke, brominated dioxin, and furan when burned.
The major product segments in the market are halogenated flame retardants and nonhalogenated flame retardants.
In addition, Exolit OP is not subject to ecodesign application restrictions, for example the upcoming EcoDesign regulation for electronic displays based on the EcoDesign Directive (2009/125/EC) covering the recycling of plastics, which limits the use of halogenated flame retardants in enclosures and stands of electronic displays.
The specialized Thermolast K materials meet these requirements, even without halogenated flame retardants being used.
Halogenated flame retardants are facing increasing scrutiny, prompting end-use industries to look for alternatives, such as magnesium hydroxide based flame retardants.